Our Mission

  • To preserve the cultural values of our civilisation. A noble goal by all means. We aim to advance our nation forward into the throes of the twenty first century, while still maintaining a healthy respect for the Irish language as well as our cultural traditions.
  • To put Ireland back on the map economically, ¬†as an eco-friendly hub for trading and manufacturing.
  • To restore power to our armed forces through training programs and initiatives.
  • To completely re-work the education system to better suit the 21st century man and woman.
  • To free our economy from fractional reserve banking.
  • To free our fisheries from the grips of the European Union, so that our fishermen can return to their lives of economic success.
  • To enhance the life of the 21st century Irishman ¬†through a completely re designed , state sponsored, state financed, sports and leisure system, created with maintaining the health of our people in mind.
  • To restore a national pride to our people.
  • to cultivate a healthy, organic society in which our people can not just survive like today’s society, but thrive and grow.
  • To defeat the system’s power over the economically weak. We place achievement and merit over economic standing.
  • To give opportunity to all of those whom deserve it;

Help us realise our goals through your continued support. Thank you very much for reading.